Vacuum Glazing System

Our vacuum glazing system radically simplifies the task of glazing pots. It consists of a vacuum pump, an air cylinder with a vacuum gauge, a valve to admit air when required, and a vacuum jig with foam rubber seals. The photos show the system in use with various pots. First the pot is attached to the jig by opening the valve to connect it to the vacuum tank. The pot can then be placed in the glaze bucket, removed and drained, without directly touching it. It is then returned to the work table and the valve closed to release the vacuum. The system requires the area of the pot in contact with the seals to be unglazed. The seal pattern can be easily changed to suit the pot size and shape. More technical information in this 2015 Ceramic Review article: Less is More.

We would be happy to demonstrate this system to other potters, and to supply suitable equipment if requested. You are welcome to make your own system, of course; vacuum holding is in the public domain. It's the weight of the air that does it!

Here is a video showing a large bowl being glazed with this system:

And here are some other examples of its use:

Vacuum jig

Medium storage jar
15cm dia

Large vegetable bucket
18cm dia

Fruit bowl
32cm dia

Cheese tray:
32cm dia